About Us

Highly experienced in working with international production companies. Specialises in global projects. Able to facilitate every stage of creating media contents. Trusted by some of the best productions in the World.


Borderless Film

Boasting a very impressive body of work, Borderless Film provides expert services in media productions. It stands as one of the few production houses that can provide for both domestic and international clientele. At Borderless Film, we pride ourselves in our work and our relationships. We strive for perfection to ensure excellence in all that we produce.

Borderless Film possesses the talents, skills and resources to create and produce all varieties of video contents.  Borderless Film provides services for every stage of the production process and also connects its clients to a vast network of international media productions and video technology companies in an effort to utilize the newest and most cutting edge technology to produce media of the highest quality.



Borderless Film has a wealth of experience creating content. We’ve worked on music videos, documentaries, promotional videos and TV series. We specialise in helping our clients promote their brand through original video contents both online and on social media.

Production Services

From small scale projects to large scale commercials and feature films. No matter the size of your production, Borderless Film is here to help. We have worked on news reports, documentaries, TV series, feature films and photo shoots for international clients. If you’re planning to shoot in Korea let Borderless Film take care of everything.